A very different interpretation with RRT on Cloth

Rrt tekstil was founded in 2013.We are a young developing company.We are a wholesaler.We have stock service in knitted fabrics and artificial leather.Me and my partner travel alot for inspiration and we follow all latest fashion shows and exhibitions.We develop 50 items every month and have 2 seasons in a year;Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.We supply nearly 30 countries in the world in which we have representatives.We deliver hanger requests freely and have no minimum restrictions on new development requests coming from our customers.We always try to be negotiative and believe in having long partnerships with our customers.

Our collection and stock services are our main power.We also benefit  the advantage of our country Turkey as it is on the main road to global world of Europe and has huge production facilities and qualified man work in textile.

We are also lucky to have a great loyal and trust people working with us.We do our best to take care of  their rights

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